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The Singularity. We know it is coming, but we get there together or not at all.

Wealth distribution enabled by economic systems that allow exponential technology to be truly sustainable.

Wealth disparity continues to grow and the solution is not a matter of redistribution, but of open and distributed access to capital and technology for exponential growth and productivity.

Cryptocurrencies are a means for open and distributed access to financial instruments through blockchain technology, but the 10x value is created through the decentralized network effects which make every individual’s contribution exponential in both contributions and returns.

The movement for decentralization is not a movement to replace what is existing, but to augment and provide what a centralized financial system can never do, which is to create a system that is always inclusive even as it grows.

The 10x value proposition here is an economic system which needs to be financially inclusive and always accessible to the individual to survive and directly distributes and leverages its exponential gains from decentralized network effects to create the world’s first digital microasset.

Beyond a new paradigm in microfinance, this is taking us all a step closer to the Singularity together.

A Simple Cryptocurrency Token

Commercial Blockchain Technology

ARCC is developed on the world’s leading commercial blockchain protocol, Algorand, which has a permissionless, stable, and scalable network, capable of supporting ARCC’s high transaction throughput.

Open Distributed Accessibility

ARCC is distributed as a ‘microasset’ through a localized microfinance fintech network which is focused on providing free capital for entrepreneurial investment.




The world’s first digital microasset for the urban working poor in failing emerging markets.


crypto reserve currency

Crypto-Reserve Currency

A freely accessible currency hedge for those without access to traditional banking or existing savings.

Market Stability


Macroeconomic Development Coin

A coin with its long term value invested in and aligned with regional market increases in productivity and entrepreneurial investment.

Economic Development


A "Social Proof of Work" Decentralized Information Network a Fintech Microasset Management Platform



ARCC is intent on establishing a new form of microfinance in the form of accessible distributed ‘microassets’ that are debt-free sources of capital for entrepreneurial investment which is outside of the established financial and existing credit systems.

Our focus is the urban working poor in failing emerging markets in Southeast Asia.

Financial Inclusion is not access to existing financial services, but to rights, debt-free capital and independence from economic exploitation.


Reserve Structure

i) The ARCC Annual Mint seeds both the Reserve & Underlying Assets with ARCC on an annual basis (starting upon APP launch).

(ii) Currency Reserve is managed as a highly liquid fund of a basket of fiat and cryptocurrencies.

100% of the interest is re-invested back into the Reserve and Investments.

(iii) Underlying Assets are managed as long term infrastructure, social impact businesses, and tech start-up holdings.

80% of net revenues and cashflow are allocated to the Reserves & Underlying Assets.

(iv) ARCC’s Fintech Microasset Platform provides a transactional fee structure for ARCC under asset management and from sponsored surveys.

80% of net revenues are allocated to the Reserves & Underlying Assets.

(v) Net Revenues are defined as the gross revenues minus any 3rd party fees and operational costs. In the case of the Underlying Assets and the Platform, a 20% performance fee of the Net Revenues is put towards’s direct operations and management.

(vi) Only the Currency Reserve interacts with the Secondary exchange market to either buy or sell from the market to guide the daily strike price in accordance to ARCC’s monetary policy. The interaction is independent of the mechanism (manual, algorithmic, or ai) but it is a direct trade into the market.

Revenue Model

ARCC derives its revenue from the fintech asset management platform through the creation of a microasset ecosystem of services and providers.

80% of the net revenue is reinvested into the Reserve Structure.

Monetary Reserve Model

Both the Reserve Structure (Foreign Reserve & Underlying Assets) and the operational revenue are ultimately pooled into the Foreign Reserve (as no profit or fund redemptions are ever taken out of the Foreign Reserve) and this ultimately acts as the ARCC Reserve.

The ARCC Reserve is not used to actively defend or maintain a stable price point for ARCC, but rather to act as a reference point to the maximum range of value ARCC could potentially hold.

While ARCC Reserve can act as a ‘buyer of last resort’, the monetary policy of the ARCC Reserve is simply to continuously accumulate reserves so that it can interact with the market to determine the maximum consistent range of value that can be defended.

Decentralized Network Effects Value Proposition is introducing a new economic system designed with the world’s first ‘microasset,’ as a tool for economic development in failing emerging markets. The Asia Reserve Currency Coin, ARCC, enables financial inclusion of the urban working poor through access to debt-free capital for entrepreneurial investment.

Current microfinance models are exploitative of the urban working poor, relying on a credit/risk cycle that perpetuates wealth disparity and gross social inequality. Through the innovation of cryptocurrencies, we have designed a digital reserve currency which derives its value through traditional currency reserve structures and from exponential decentralized network effects.

Our aim is to tackle the most difficult structural problems of failing emerging markets, namely social transparency, wealth disparity and local market instability by providing an accessible and distributed microasset for the urban working poor.

In the ARCC Decentralized Network Valuation Infinity Loop Proposition, we are taking a number of virtuous circles of value and creating an infinity model for both continuous feedback and exponential network value.

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Our Tech, Solution and Economic Development Approach.

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