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The International Blockchain Monetary Reserve’s mission is to break the cycle of poverty, exploitation and wealth disparity in failing emerging markets through the decentralized network effects of blockchain technology.

The Problem


Southeast Asia has exhibited 66% growth as a region over the past 10 years, but most of the population lives at the same living standards as they did 10 years ago. The urban working poor, comprising 30%-50% of urban populations, are not only unbanked but often undocumented, without legal or socio-economic representation.


Ineffective and improper governance coupled with a legacy financial system that has one-sidedly benefited the economic elites has proven to be the largest obstacle in improving wealth among the urban working poor.





Lack of Infrastructure




Exploitative Economy




“As centralized economic networks create exponential wealth in the hands of the few, decentralized economic networks grow sustainable wealth for the many.”

-Sinjin David Jung, Managing Director IBMR

Introducing ARCC

The Asia Reserve Currency Coin





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