Breaking the cycle of poverty and wealth disparity in emerging markets

The International Blockchain Monetary Reserve,, is a "zero to one" blockchain company with a focus on the economic development of the urban working poor in emerging markets.

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Introducing ARCC

The Asia Reserve Currency Coin, ARCC, is a "crypto-reserve currency" issued by the International Blockchain Monetary Reserve, ARCC is positioned solely as a “store of value” that is structured as a micro asset.’s understanding of financial inclusion is against the idea of taking the unbanked and making them "banked" into a system which was not designed for the struggle they exist in.

Rather, the focus is in creating a ‘micro asset’ which can be saved, freely earned, and that can increase in value regardless of the amount held without fees.


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Bitcoin is the technological proof of concept of the decentralization of peer-to-peer trustless electronic cash, which then lead to the economic achievement of the issuance of a new global non-fiat currency. While ‘token sales’ through Ethereum have created hundreds of new ‘cryptocurrencies’, few progress past the standard that Bitcoin has achieved.